Plus-Size Maxi Dress Trends

Great Inspirations & 7 Styling Ideas

Plus-Size Maxi Dress Trends

The maxi dress is a favorite garment of countless women:

For the transitional period when the weather is still unpredictable, beautiful long-sleeved maxi dresses are ideal, cleverly paired with a biker jacket and boots. On the truly warm days, we opt for colorful, floral, and patterned dresses that delicately swirl around us and make us feel wonderfully free.

The Floral Dress

A must-have for summer is undoubtedly dresses with floral patterns – ideally allover!

Maxi lengths look wonderfully feminine, especially models made from softly draping fabrics.

The great thing about floral maxi dresses is that you can wear them for any mood. Whether chic, sexy, or romantic - floral patterns are always eye-catching.

You don't need many accessories, and a good mood is always included.

The Linen Dress in Maxi Length

The perfect fabric for summer and absolutely on-trend this year is linen. Linen is breathable and feels wonderful on the skin. The pleasant texture and elegant nonchalance of linen dresses make them perfect for summer.

The Maxi Dress Made of Airy Chiffon

This year, chiffon and mesh are also riding high on the trend wave in terms of fabrics. If you want to wear your breezy, lightweight favorite summer dress on cool spring evenings as well, you can perfectly style sheer dresses with tights and cardigans. Or try pairing a short leather jacket with a chiffon dress.

The Boho Style Maxi Dress

The Boho trend offers several options: For example, opt for a great maxi dress with colorful ethnic patterns.

Loose fits are almost a must, and suitable details include ruffles or frills. Vintage is still very much in vogue – and lace details go perfectly with trendy retro looks.

The Maxi Dress with Unconventional Patterns

In addition to ethnic or floral patterns, unique patterns are also a must-have in your wardrobe this year.

The variety is wide and you have the freedom to choose from uneven polka dots, zigzag patterns, or various animal prints according to your preference.

The Dress in Bold, Bright Colors

Aside from the patterned options mentioned above, solid-color maxi dresses are also at the forefront. Far from being dull, these dresses feature vibrant and strong colors that bring a special wow factor. Whether it's cheeky girlie pink, radiant sun yellow, bright grass green, or sky blue – solid colors make maxi dresses fabulous eye-catchers.

The White Maxi Dress

Are colors too extravagant for you? Do you prefer something more subtle and stylish – but still not bland? Then the trendy white models might be just right for you. It doesn't have to be monochrome - it's especially beautiful when the white is broken up by stripes, patterns, or some color. This can also be achieved through bold accessories.

Lastly, here's our tip to prevent thigh chafing under your maxi dresses: short pantyhose, bandelettes, or special creams. Even a long pair of pantyhose can work wonders when it's not too hot.