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1. What is Wundercurves?

2. Shopping of Plus Size Fashion

3. Consumer protection

4. Social Media

5. Collaborations

What is Wundercurves?

With Wundercurves you find exactly what you need: Plus Size Fashion that fits and celebrate your curves! We collect all brands & shops for plus size clothing at one place.

We believe in a world,  in which "feeling beautiful" is not dependent on the size of clothing.  Wundercurves is the leading shopping search engine for curvy women in Germany - and is now entering the US market. Our mission is to ensure every woman can find clothes in her size without long wait times and strained nerves. We want to promote the perfect experience, whenever they buy clothes.  

What advantages do I have with Wundercurves?

  • beste selection of plus size clothing
  • diverse offers
  • constantly updated product selection
  • popular brands & newcomer labels

Who is behind it?

Behind Wundercurves is a group of ambitious friends who want to take the search for plus size products to a new level. At Wundercurves, the focus is on fun and the bundling of synergies - only together can something really be changed.

Shopping of Plus Size Fashion

Where do you get your big offer from?

We bundle the range of products for catering needs from as many existing and newly launched online shops as possible. Wherever these products can be shopped – we will find the pieces for you and bring them together on Wundercurves.

How current are the product availability and prices?

The product availability and prices of the products offered are updated daily. In exceptional cases, it may happen for a short time between update times that prices and product availability on Wundercurves do not match the offers of the partner online shops. The prices declared on the website of the partner online shop are binding for the purchase decision.

Who can I contact if I have problems purchasing?

Since offers from various online shops are bundled on Wundercurves, it is best if you contact our partner shop directly.

You can also find a contact person on their website who you can contact if you have any problems. We would be happy to help you in this case and find the contact details, just write to us.

What do I have to do if I want to make a complaint?

In such a case, you must contact the online shop where you purchased the item directly. Each of our partner online shops has different regulations regarding how to make a complaint.

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum order value depends on the respective partner online shop. Most providers do not require a specific minimum order value, but if there is one, it will be advertised on the homepage of the partner online shop.

Where can I see the shipping costs?

Each partner shop has its own shipping costs, which you can find out on the respective website.

If an item is not available in my size or is out of stock, will it be available again later?

This can also differ from partner to partner online shop. Some products are regularly replenished, some are being phased out and can no longer be ordered. Wundercurves updates product availability daily and shows you immediately when a desired product is available again.

How ​​do I order an item? Can I also order by telephone?

To order a desired product, simply click on the respective product and you will be redirected to the corresponding online shop. The type of order depends on the purchasing processes of the respective partner online shop, so in some shops it will be possible to order by telephone, in others only an online order will get you the product you want.

Do I need to register to place an order?

You do not need to register with Wundercurves to place an order.

Consumer protection

How ​​does Wundercurves sort the products on the shop pages?

On Wndercurves you can find products from many different partner shops. Our goal is to give you as much quality selection as possible. To achieve this, we have entered into collaborations with various shops: If you like something and click on the product, you will be redirected to the respective retailer and can buy the product there. Depending on which partner you end up with, we either earn a small amount (in the cent range) for your click, or, with other partners, a commission (i.e. a share of the purchase price), should you decide to do something there buy.

In the categories, the products are displayed to you in a specific order. Both the conditions between us and the partner shop as well as the popularity of the products, based on the number of clicks on the product, are taken into account. This allows us to adapt the sorting to what users like best in the category.

How ​​does Wundercurves sort search results?

If you enter a search term in our search function, we will find results according to the following criteria: First, we check whether your search directly matches one of our shop categories. You will then be redirected directly to this page in the shop and the sorting works as described above.

It will then check whether your search term means a brand or a partner shop and you will be shown the products of this brand/partner shop.

Then we search the “title” and description of the product and other attributes such as color and size. The results are then displayed in this order: first the results with a “match” in the title or description, then those in product attributes such as color and size.

Social Media

We are active on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: Discover Wundercurves on Instagram and get inspired. We regularly share our blog posts as well as exciting news and current promotions.


What collaborations does Wundercurves enter into with bloggers or guest authors?

The Wundercurves team is always open to any kind of cooperation. Among various other options, interested parties may be able to publish guest articles on our blog or get an interview.

What collaborations does Wundercurves enter into with retailers and brands?

There are various ways in which a cooperation with Wundercurves can easily increase the awareness and presence of brands and shops, for example via the CPC and CPO integration in our shop area or a sponsored post in the blog or a promotional application. If you are interested in the various options, dealers are welcome to contact us (wundercurves-us@kaminrun.de).

Further questions?

If one of your questions is not answered here, please feel free to send us a message to wundercurves-us@kaminrun.de and we will help you immediately.